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In 1972 Leovarda Marquez lived a Cursillo retreat in the dioceses of Los Angeles. The retreat inspired her to get involved in her church community. Mrs. Marquez started her ministry by serving in an organization called "Search for the Youth". Through this experience she saw that there were effective ways to evangelize and reach out to the youth of the church. About this same time Mrs. Marquez's children were reaching the young adult age and noticed there were no programs available for them to be involved in. She came to the realization that there was a huge need to reach out to the young adults in the church.



That need motivated Mrs. Marquez to develop a program that served the young adults in her community. Using her life experiences together with the catechisis she recieved growing up she developed a program which she named La Busqueda (The Search). This program began in 1973 as a retreat for young adults and the members of the community were called Busquadores (Searchers). The members beign touch by Mrs. Marquez program nicknamed her "Mami", a spanish term of endearment used for mothers. From that point forward Mami and Baltazar "Papi" Marquez, Mami's husband, served their church community as coordinators of La Busqueda.



The community initially started in Spanish but quickly grew into an English community also. The two communities grew together until about retreat # 7. After retreat # 7 the English community continued to grow independently as "Search of Orange" until about 2010 when its activities were discontinued. With Mami's guidance the Spanish community continued to grow and soon there after another English community grew out of La Busqueda. Both communities continue to grow side by side at St. Barbara Parish in Santa Ana to this day.



Through the years Mami guided coordinator that wanted to take on the ministry in their own communities. This lead to Search growing in many cities, states, and in Mexico. Currently it is unknow exactly how many communities exist but the following is a list of where we know there was a Search community started:


In California:

Compton, Hawthorne, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Riverside, Sacramento,


In other states:

Bend, Oregon

Moses Lake, Washington


In Mexico

Buena Vista, Michoacan, Puebla, Tecatem Tijuana,


If you know of a Search community not listed, please send us an email so that it may be added. Our intent is to list as many of the communities and its coordinators as possible.



After forty years of service to the ministry Mami started her Fifth Day on January 17, 2013. While Mami's passing was a major loss to the community the fruits of her work continue. Mami assigned Franklin and Cecilia Luna as the coordinators for the English community, Search For Christ, in early 2004 soon after they were married. For the Spanish community, La Busqueda, Mami assigned Susie Angel and Aidee Lopez as coordinators to continue their respective communities at Saint Barbara Parish in Santa Ana.